Car conservation tips

Did you know that some car conservation care can make them very valuable? In fact, preventive measures contribute a lot for your car to preserve that aspect again for a long time and, this way, it stays valued in the market.

These are attentions that you should have and that are related to cleaning, the engine, the tires, among other parts of the car. It may not even look like it, it makes a lot of difference if these cares are taken frequently. Keep in mind that the conservation and prevention of problems in your vehicle can guarantee great results when selling it!

So, let’s list in this post some cares that deserve attention so that you always keep your car with your face again.

1. Avoid leaving the car stationary for too long

Today, it is common for people, even if they have their own cars, to avoid using them by choosing other means of transportation. However, what many don’t know is that leaving it stopped for a long time can harm it.

The tip, therefore, is, if you don’t intend to use your car daily, to at least start it for one minute every two days. This will already make a lot of difference. Disconnecting the battery cables is another tip that preserves the integrity of the electrical system, in case you need to stay for a long period without using it.

2. Remember to change fluids and filters

It is essential, for the conservation of cars, that their fluids are replaced at the right time. In fact, you will spend on cheap items and will certainly avoid losses – since poor lubrication leads to more engine work and, consequently, higher fuel costs.

Moreover, there is no worse news for an automobile owner than a cast engine. So, in light of this, conserving your vehicle by changing fluids and filters is a good way to guarantee long life to the car engine.

3. Follow the useful life of the oil

Engine oil is one of the great responsible for the good functioning of your car, because it allows your gears to work without wearing out the parts. That said, it is essential that the oil to be used is of good quality and, mainly, indicated by the vehicle manufacturer.

Moreover, having knowledge about the right time to change this item is essential to maintain, for a good time, the useful life of the engine. Trying to save on this item, keeping it for a longer period than recommended or opting for cheaper brands, can contribute to unexpected expenses.

4. Drive with care

Some people have a way of driving that ends up wearing some components of the car, like springs and shock absorbers. Avoiding holes, passing in breakers slowly and avoiding jolts by means of brakes are some of the measures that prevent the wear of these items.

These precautions save the owner of the car from future expenses with the suspension – which usually weigh in the pocket. In addition, they contribute enormously to the maintenance of this system of the vehicle, avoiding the torsion of the monoblock – which ensures a more aligned and safer car.

5. Check the tires

Periodic checking of tires and steppe helps to keep them always in good condition. Therefore, it is essential to check the pressure of these items, observing if there are bubbles or even wear that make them irregular on the tread.

The tip is to follow the periodic recommendation of suspension alignment and wheel balancing. However, keeping an eye on them is always recommended. If you notice any irregularity, such as vibrations on the steering wheel or the feeling that the car is tending to one side, seek technical assistance.

6. Protect the paintwork

Some external elements can cause the appearance of stains that damage the painting, such as bird droppings, dust, sunrays and insects. Therefore, leaving your car protected is paramount.

This protection should be either through a roof, where it can spend the night and day when it is not used, or by applying automotive wax, which can be done two to three times a week.

7. Keep a cleaning routine

A badly used car without frequent cleaning can devalue a lot. To avoid this, try to maintain a routine of care with the internal hygienization of the vehicle. Some cares can avoid those unpleasant odors, like avoiding smoking inside – since the cigarette smell quickly ends with that traditional new car smell.

So, proceed with a weekly cleaning in your vehicle and think that you will be collaborating for its valuation in the market. Smelling car is an attraction when you want to sell it.

8. Take care to avoid serious blows to the car body

Some car body breakdowns can compromise its structure and incredibly affect the value of the vehicle. Dents and scratches are easy to reverse, and a good flashlight service is enough to solve the problem and make it brand new. However, a more serious crash requires a more thorough evaluation to know if the vehicle’s structure has been shaken.

9. Observe the presence of noise

Another factor that is not well seen in the used car market is the noise that some vehicles present. Many times, they are strange sounds that bother a lot who is inside the car.

Besides, they can indicate problems in the engine, which can be an impediment when selling the car. That’s why, whenever you notice that your car has such noises, try to take it to your trusted mechanic to find out right at the beginning what is happening – this way, you’ll avoid the problem getting worse.

As you can see, it is essential to know what to observe in order to maintain the conservation of cars. However, doing the preventive maintenance of the car systems is essential and will keep the mechanical part of the car always in perfect condition.