Car maintenance: why it is so important

If you have a car, you probably already know that it could have a breakdown at any time. Failures in its mechanical parts can end up happening, and this is totally normal and acceptable. However, if you invest in the maintenance of the car preventively, the risks of failures are much lower.

Performing the revisions is very important. However, more important than that is to keep your car car cared for routinely. Not every day, but at least every month. Some people check the suspension alignment every week. And don’t think this is an exaggeration. The person is just taking precautions of possible problems.

Understand the importance of car maintenance, some tips to keep your vehicle in the ‘tricks’ for longer and why all this helps when selling it. Check it out.

The importance of doing preventive maintenance of the car

Doing a car maintenance only when it suffers some kind of damage is certainly not the best way to deal with your car. Car care goes beyond fixing it after an accident. It is even possible to avoid this kind of situation.

It is a fact that one of the biggest causes of traffic accidents is the lack of maintenance in one of the cars involved. Some part of the mechanics can fail or even a basic part of the body can give way and damage the performance of the engine. Situations like this can – and should – be avoided.

From this point, we can define how important it is to do preventive car maintenance. In addition to preventing possible mechanical failures, it values the vehicle if you want to sell it. The potential buyer, when analyzing a car well taken care of and with no accident history, will certainly see the purchase with other eyes – better, in this case.

A preventive car maintenance has the purpose of correcting eventual problems and failures that can cause bigger damages to the owner. It is possible to do it both in a dealership and in a mechanical workshop. As much as in the automakers’ headquarters the maintenance can be more expensive, the cost-benefit ends up being great.

Paying for preventive maintenance can now prevent the driver from having to pay a large amount in the future to repair the damage of an accident. Not only will the process be quick and end up protecting the traffic, you will also be financially protecting your pocket.

When to maintain the car

There is no exact date to review. But it is necessary to be aware of the vehicle signals. In case you feel any sign of wear, it is interesting to stop at the mechanic and make a “check up”.

Also, read in the owner’s manual (that document that usually stays in the glove compartment of the car) how much time the car needs to be serviced. If you have any doubts, follow the time recommended by the car manufacturer.

But, in general, it is recommended to do preventive maintenance every six months or every 10,000 kilometers driven. In other words, the use factor of the car is very important here, since if you walk more with it, you should do more revisions.

Tips to keep the car as new

As you can see, performing car maintenance is really important to keep your car in good condition and avoid accidents. However, it also brings its resale value. Of course a car in good condition will be sold for a better price than a more worn out one.

To conserve it, there are some easy macetes to make. Initially, they may seem even half silly – but, in fact, they help.

  1. Car battery

The first of all is to take good care of your car battery. Keeping accessories – such as lights or radio – running while the engine is turned off may damage it.

  1. Tires

Taking care of the tire is also another important factor. Keeping them wear-free and calibrated is essential not only for the safety of the vehicle, but also for its fuel economy. Besides keeping the suspension balanced, a car with almost bald tires uses much more gas to get around.

  1. Brakes

The brakes, too, are very important for the car. In case of a potential crash, it is on it that the driver will step on to avoid the accident. Even brake pads wear out a lot throughout the life of the car. Every 10,000 km, it is very important to change them when reviewing vehicles. Otherwise, each brake will further damage the brake disc.

  1. Air-Conditioning

Last but not least, pay attention to your air conditioner. In a tropical and hot country like Brazil, many of us call for such an accessory, especially during the summer. Therefore, keeping the refrigeration system in order, using the ventilation against the accumulation of bacteria when necessary, is very important.

How car maintenance can help with a sale

There comes a time in our lives when we make a decision that, in many cases, is not so simple: to sell our car. Whether it’s because we need money – to, among other factors, settle debts – or even to change our lifestyle. Regardless of the reason, we want it to be sold at a good price.

With this in mind, there are certain practices and customs that help us reach a better resale price for our vehicle. Performing all the overhauls and taking care of the maintenance can make the car expenses grow a little. But they will certainly give a better result in the sale negotiation.

Think about this: you, when researching a used car good enough to keep it motorized for at least three more years, would like the vehicle to be very well taken care of by the old owner, wouldn’t you? We have no doubt that even paying a little more for the good condition of the car could be in your plans.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance to keep the car up to date. The money spent with the overhaul today can avoid the disbursement of a large amount in the future due to an accident caused by a mechanical failure. Aside from the headache that the situation will give you.

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