Repair the undercarriage of a car

The underside of the car is one of the most sensitive areas of the vehicle. And because they are not visible, many of the possible failures that can occur in them, go unnoticed.

However, the constant exposure to shocks should make the car’s underbody one of the most checked spaces. We tell you today what are the necessary tools for the repair of the underbody of a car so you can do it properly.

The problems facing the underside of a car

The underside of a car is one of the most exposed parts of a vehicle. They support dirt, blows, possible corrosion, etc. And all this can affect the proper functioning of the car.

And if we don’t check them frequently, these problems can get worse. And a small breakdown can become a real headache for us. That’s why they should be checked periodically. With it, we will avoid:

Dirt settling

Because the underside of a car is the most exposed to the accumulation of mud and splashes of dirt. And if this accumulates and settles it can produce humidity problems that contribute to the oxidation of the car.

That’s why, if you find mud on your car’s underbody, you must remove it completely.

Rust and corrosion problems

Closely linked to the above problem. And to the existence of humidity is the appearance of rust and corrosion. Because it is a serious “disease” that can spread to more parts of the vehicle.

If you find rust problems when you check the underbody, you must eliminate it as soon as possible. And so that you can do it in our mechanics blog you will find a post in which we explain how to remove rust from your vehicle and repair the damage it has caused.

Bumps and scrapes

Who hasn’t been driving around and felt a bump or scratch on the underside of their car? Sometimes we come across potholes, bumps, mounds of earth or rocks that we can’t see. And that scrape the bottom of our vehicle.

Sometimes nothing happens, but in other cases there are big problems that we must identify. They can cause dents or seriously damage the car’s crankcase.

Projection of gravel

As in the previous case, the vehicle’s underbody is also exposed to the projection of gravel. And this causes small impacts that although they are small. In the long run they can cause serious problems if not treated in time.

How to solve these problems

To solve all these problems in addition to periodically check the low of the vehicle should perform maintenance work. That depending on the case will consist of:

Cleaning the undercarriage of the car

To thoroughly remove existing dirt, mud, etc. Everything that can create humidity or that prevents you from seeing other possible problems that your vehicle faces.

To sand the rust

If you find a case of rust and corrosion in the basement. Then you must sand the area well. Make sure you remove all the rust so that it doesn’t continue to spread. Once cleaned, you can use a special product to prevent it from appearing.

Prevent gravel with an anti-gravel product

If you can’t avoid passing continuously through gravel roads, you can use some anti-gravel product. It will help you to prevent the damage caused by the gravel and will protect the underbody of your car.

What tools do you need to repair the undercarriage of a car?

As you have seen, there are many risks that face the underbody of our vehicle. For all this, we must check them frequently. But for this we need to have some special tools. Do you want to know what they are? Then take note because you will need the following:

Lifting jacks

Having a good hydraulic jack to check the undercarriage of the car is essential. They will allow you to lift the vehicle enough to access the vehicle’s underbody.

Stretchers and chairs

To be able to work comfortably, it is also important that you have a chair or stretcher to be under the car.


The tassels will help you support the weight of the vehicle. And so you can work more safely. As well as a support bridge that holds the engines. Remember that working safely is always necessary.

Special keys

In addition, to check the undercarriage of the vehicle you will need a series of special keys. The crankcase cover and screw protectors have locks that must be removed before a good check can be made.

To repair the vehicle’s underbody you will also need other tools. But it is essential that they are of good quality. Therefore, you should take into account the shop where you buy the tools.

Poor quality tools, although cheap, will not help you work properly. They break very easily and also do not usually work properly. In addition, you can put your life in danger because they do not offer good quality standards.